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Pathfinder: Brothers Episode 33 – Dangerous Dungeons

The brothers descend into the depths of the ruins of the Shattered Tower and finds that traps aren't the only thing to fear in this strange dungeon.


M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 27 – Retribution

As the heroes are rescuing the city, Elijah pushes the group just a bit too far.  The Angels take some personal time to show him that mind controlling team mates and double dealing is not acceptable.


Mothers, Trains, and Birds: Hitchcock’s Dynasty

I’ve been taking a class this semester on Alfred Hitchcock, and I wanted to share my final essay on his work.  During the last weekend the class met, we watched some of my all-time favorite Hitchcock films:  North by Northwest, Psycho, and The Birds. We were assigned to write an … Continue reading


M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 26 – Sir Walters


Pathfinder: Brothers Episode 32 – Shattered Tower

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M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 25 – Caught in the Middle


Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 9 – A Giant Problem

Apologies for the delay, the internet has been uncooperative.


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M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 24 – Split Personalities

The Angels conclude Arc 7.

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Justice City Issue 13 – Duking it Out

The characters finally meet with their police liason, then get a chance to run through their new training room!  Then, Blue Streak's sister finally wakes up!  The characters then take a trip into the east part of town to have a word with one of the gangs sporting alien weapons!


We HATE these movies!

Contrary to popular belief and the implications of the title of this podcast Ethan and Aaron aren’t Movie snobs. It’s a tongue in cheek kind of title. Ethan is a fan of the Transformers movies and Aaron is a life long George Lucas apologist.  these aren’t the actions of movie … Continue reading