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Oscar Special

A few weeks back, we got together to record our Oscar Special.  Due to some real life stuff, we weren’t able to get it posted until now. In this episode, Ethan and Aaron talk about their Oscar picks for the 84th Annual Academy Awards.  They give you a run down … Continue reading


Eclipse Phase: Breakdown – Convergence

In this episode, the sentinels play a game within a game. What happens when too much power gets into the wrong hands? And will the sentinels be able to correct the problems?


Justice City Issue 12 – Loose Ends

The characters get some investigations going into the happenings of the last week.  They also meet the press for the first time, and realize a few things about the disappearance of Hera.


D&D Thunder Rift Episode 7 – Agreeable Adventurers

The characters manage to make their way through the happiest swamp ever ... and do a lot of talking with monsters and the like, much to the monsters' surprise.


One Shots – Red Dwarf RPG

Forum resident Sanjian Unkara (yes, we still are convinced he is the villain from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) sent in an audio recording of his one-shot session of the Red Dwarf RPG.  The Red Dwarf RPG is one hard to find game, and he has a copy of the thing.  Since Nathan is such a huge fan, Sanjian agreed to run a session and record it!


Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 7 – Inside The Sphinx

The Professors find themselves deep within the long locked tomb of the first Pharaoh of Anubia, with the possibility of a dangerous artifact within reach of the two warring factions.  However there seems to be a third party who is interested in getting their hands on this item of power.


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M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 18 – Tangled Web

The Angels find themselves caught in a tangled web of conspiracies and international politics.  To say the heroes feel uncomfortable is understated to say the least.   Will the Angels be able to pull this off, or will they get pulled deeper into the web?


Eclipse Phase Breakdown Episode 2 – Opposing Forces

The sentinels are forced to work at cross-purposes when different parts of the team are given different assignments. What happens when a team if forced to work against itself?


M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 17 – Best Left Alone

The Angels are dragged into a series of events that are usually best left alone... which in the City of Angels means that someone wants to play with it.


M&M 3rd Edition – One Shot: Senior Citizen Super Heroes (Feat. Tracey)

Who says that you have to be young to save the day?  A number of senior citizens take it upon themselves to save the world from a sinister plot, all while enjoying the benefits of their advanced experience.