Gamer’s Haven Podcast

Gamer’s Haven Episode 29: Props, Handouts, and Maps

In this episode, we talk about using props, handouts, music, and maps in your game. We talk about the logistics, where to go, and some cheap ideas on what to use. We also go off topic (like usual) and talk about Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition.


Gamer’s Haven Gen Con Post Show Episode 4: Interviews

We finally get our Gen Con coverage over and done with, featuring interviews with Chris Pramas (Green Ronin), Becky Wilson (Wizkids Games), Joseph Goodman (Goodman Games), Steve Kenson (Green Ronin), and John Collins (Executive Producer for "Fellowship of the Dice").


Gamer’s Haven Special – Interview with John Seavey and a short bit involving Jeff Tidball

In this special episode, Ethan and Nathan interview Jeff Tidball and John Seavey, two of the authors of the newest supplement for the Feng Shui RPG, Glimpse of the Abyss from Atlas Games. We talk about the Feng Shui Role-Playing Game, a game nobody knows about, that everyone should be playing! Jeff could only be there for a short time, sadly, and due to some technical ... issues, the interview got a bit jumbled.