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Gamer’s Haven Post Gen Con 2007 Series Part 2 – Paradigm Concepts, Ken Hite, Robin Laws, and More!

In this special episode, Ethan shares with us five interviews he conducted at Gen Con 2007. He spoke with Cubicle 7 Games, Kenneth Hite, Robin Laws, Upper Deck Entertainment, and Daniel, from the Gamer Traveler podcast, sent us an interview he did with Paradigm Concepts.


Gamer’s Haven Episode 26: Gen Con Post Show Part 1 of 2

In this episode, Ethan talks about his trip to Gen Con 2007. The exhibitors, the podcasters, and the experience! We talk about the convention and some of the stuff Ethan got there. Our sound is kinda bad in this one -- we're playing around with a new recorder, and, obviously, we won't be using this recording setting again. Just bear with us, we're getting new sound equipment soon ...

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