Gamer’s Haven Podcast

Gamer’s Haven Episode 16 – Worldbuilding – Creation and Creation Myths Part 1

We begin talking about religion, creation, and creation myths!


Gamer’s Haven Episode 15 – Worldbuilding – World Synopses Part 2

We finish up our world synpses this week. Jeremy takes over this episode by talking about his world, Theyra!


Gamer’s Haven Episode 14 – Worldbuilding – World Synopses Part 1

We start down the long road of World Creation. We're starting off with a synopsis of our different worlds. To start out with, we've got Nathan's fantasy world, and a Ethan's Superpowered world. We also get a bunch of feedback out of the way. This episode came in extra long this time, but we really wanted to address the feedback.


Gamer’s Haven Episode 13 – Intermission

We (I) are taking a b it of a break this week, but we're not leaving you empty-handed. Here's an impromtu discussion about Xena, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and World of Warcraft to tide you over for a week. Sorry nothing new on the gaming front, but we're all still recovering from the Bubonic Plague that hit Kansas over the last few weeks. Enjoy!